Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recession Specialists

Today is a special day. Shit's Shitty.
Thanks to the tumultuous state of our fair local economy, we've all to some degree experienced the regalia brought on by these hard times. Free parties, free shows, free food, and a seemingly endless shower from Brooklyn's own fountain of youth: pabst blue ribbon & colt 45.

Ahhh Brooklyn, where the irony flows like ...well pabst blue ribbon & colt 45.

Trust fund idiots in clown clothes work the Bedford Strip offering hugs to passersby for a small donation.

An anonymous subway performer "working" for tips dressed as a dolphin prances like Gollum w/ 'his precious' in hand.

Aaaand rotary phone wielding boutique shop employees offer up cheap dental work along side the new and ...improved... spelling of "curtious".

Well folks, any suspicions of an inferred 'line you just don't cross' just left the borough.
Next up, beer & a seemingly professional abortion at Alligator Lounge.

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