Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Always Furry In Aspen, Brooklyn

Today is a special today. The leaves are falling from nonexistent Brooklyn trees and the temperature has dropped to a frigid 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It's finally time to resurrect one's most prized costume from the wardrobe; the hunter's tuxedo, the only logical attire for the mid afternoon art space cigarette break. They've been working hard on concepts and installations all the art-long day and now it's time to get rustic in the lavish, overgrown concrete prison of a backyard. After working up a painter's sweat, there's no better way to get totally cool than eskimo-ing oneself by the L train. I wish we had the audio of their conservation, I would bet my best mink they never once mentioned the outrageous coincidence that they are both dressed head to toe in animal fur(s).


  1. It was snowing in your American home town! Put that into your "conservation," mate.

  2. P.S. Sort of glad this is not about balloons.

  3. I get it... The grill is ironic because hipsters don't eat.