Monday, December 7, 2009

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More Whatever The Hell This Is?

Today is a really really special day. As we have neglected our duty of backyard voyeurism the last few weeks, the gods have rained down a fury of backyard activity ten fold. We witnessed something this morning that is an example of how loose things have become now that no one is actually trying to make money from art. The lines are blurred, the barriers pushed aside, and frankly no one has a clue what's going on. Here we have a a full view of today's event, which incorporated a blaring Ramonesesque song starting and stopping, a gaggle of young kids (some having a picnic and some just standing around), a team of furred hipster professionals taking video and photos of the whole scenario, an old lady in a skimpy sundress, and an obese man in 1830's attire, who was surprisingly limber and unfortunately managed to avoid all photographs. We'll break this down in order to attempt further understanding, although we ourselves have not drawn a real conclusion.

Suri Cruise as Olivette in My Hipster Backyard's production of Oliver 2: Oliver's Twist

Eight graders hired to consume milk and cookies while being directed by well-known Williamsburg director "mike." Their parents must be very proud working full time and getting schooled.

"mike" telling his furred wench to capture the eighth grader's best angle!

Upset by the image, "mike" exclaims...

"No! No, this is all wrong!"

"mike" storms out, fed up with these amateurs

"mike" cools down and directs the on-set cook to gather his best meats and Ray-Bans for they shall feast! This guy's barbecuing at 11am in a T shirt in like 20 degree weather.

A good time was had by all, even by the wool anaconda around this man's neck.

So maybe you have a better idea than us. What the fuck is going on?

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