Thursday, October 22, 2009

CMJ, officially the busiest waste of time

Today is a special day. They stand outside my bedroom window, taking pictures of their photographer while he captures supersaturated stupidity with every flash. They are completely unaware of the current judgement being dished upon them from above. The idiotic idiots, grinning through lip rings and squinting through the overgrowth of Braveheart haircuts. It's mid CMJ and the crew has made quite a journey in their police auctioned school bus they call home to experience ultimate luxury in the majesty of our backyard. After several costume changes and makeup applications they are told to act brutish and slightly violent with each other on the pavement. This is where the magic will happen. They grow tired from about an hour of fake aggression on the dirty ground and break for pizza and Brita-filtered water. Their show in the back of a cafe will be great tonight. I will probably be there.


  1. Hey man, don't poke fun at bands who travel in school buses! That's how I met your father.

  2. My friend Matt's playing bass in one of those bands, he flew out from CA, I told him to check you guys out. If he looks brutish and madeup, its cuz he's getting paid by the manager.

  3. See, you never know. You have to be diplomatic about these things ;-) But then it's nowhere near as fun to read, is it?